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Glen Moulds

Sensei Glen Moulds was born in Hull, Yorkshire in August 1957. Educated in Hull he joined the Army from 1972 to 1978 serving 4 years in Germany. It was here that he received his first taste of the Martial Arts with a short course in TaeKwonDo.


Leaving the Army to join the Metropolitan Police in 1979 Sensei Moulds then took up Shotokan Karate seriously under Sensei Eddie Whitcher in Dagenham, Essex. Training was five days a week compulsory to keep your place in the club and was based on the JKA system where Sensei Whitcher had been in the Instructors class.


Grading to Nidan (2nd Dan) under Sensei Whitcher

the highest Kata still taught was Bassai Dai.



Upon the death of Sensei Whitcher in 1990 Sensei Moulds and Sensei Heerey were handed the position of Chief Instructors of Kenshinkai. It was Sensei Whitcher's last wish that Kenshinkai joins Sensei Kanazawa and the SKI. A short while later S.K.K.I.F (Shotokan Karate Kanazawa Ryu International Federation) was formed dedicated to the teachings of Sensei Kanazawa. Sensei Moulds was one of the founding members of SKKIF, holding a senior position in the organisation and graded Sandan (3rd Dan) under Sensei Kanazawa in 1993. Sensei Moulds went on to represent the S.K.K.I.F. England squad in Las Vegas.


Four years later Sensei Moulds was a Detective Sergeant on the ‘Flying squad’ and made the difficult decision to leave the police force and follow the "dream" of teaching Karate full time.

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Due to the politics in Karate, Sensei Moulds and some other senior grades sadly resigned from S.K.K.I.F and joined a London based Toyakwai group under Sensei Joe Anderson while waiting for the right moment to rejoin a Japanese Karate organisation.



In January 2003 Sensei Moulds joined Kenshinkai to the Japan Karate Association – UK (JKA-UK) under the guidance of Senseis Robert Sidoli 7th Dan and Jim Lewis 7th Dan. Within 9 months of joining Sensei was fulfilling his lifetimes ambition and training in Japan with Sensei Mikio Yahara 8th Dan. While there he paid his respects to the graveside of Gichin Funakoshi.



In July 2005 Sensei Moulds sat and passed a grading examination in front of Senseis Yahara 8th Dan, Kawasaki 6th Dan, Sidoli 7th Dan, Lewis 7th Dan, McCusker 6th Dan, and several other senior ranks. As well as his 5th Dan Sensei Moulds also successfully passed Japanese Examiners, Referees and Instructor qualifications.


Sensei has had over 3,000 students join him since 1990 and several of his students have gone on to attain high ranks such as Peter Edwards 6th Dan, Dave Lewin 5th Dan and Geoff Mitchell 5th DanDan of the London Matsuba kai Karate Clubs, Dave Barker 3rd Dan head of KWF Norway. Christina Traher 2nd Dan Captain of the Oxford Blues Karate Squad, and Jenan Wijayasri Captain of the Cambridge Blues Karate Squad. Anil Bhudia iand Zita Currie n Australia and Bibhor Bannerjee of India. Sensei is proud of all his previous students and Instructors who are spread across the world and who continue to train and teach.



In 2006 Sensei Moulds built his own dojo which is now the hombu of the Kenshinkai Shotokan Karate organisation.


Sensei lives in the village of Barrow with his beautiful wife Julie and has four daughters Jade, Yasmin, Paris and Charlie, Suffolk Academy which he built and owns now incorporates many other activities (see

Sensei Glen Moulds