Traditional Shotokan Karate Club, established 1972




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Kenshinkai Shotokan Karate

Kenshinkai Shotokan Karate Club is one of the oldest Shotokan Karate clubs in the country (established June 1972). It was founded by the late Eddie Whitcher who trained in the JKA Instructors class in Japan under Sensei Nakayama in the 1960's. Sensei Nakayama was the senior student to Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of modern day Karate. This puts our club only four levels down from Funakoshi Sensei and maintains the pure Japanese Shotokan lineage.


Kenshinkai has it's own dedicated training hall which is mirrored, air conditioned and has a wooden sprung floor.  The main training hall (dojo) is available for students to train 7 days a week and for our adult members there is access to a small licenced bar.


Kenshinkai has a team of instructors.   All adult instructors have experience in  teaching and hold current DBS certificates.


All members of the club are required to have karate insurance which is included in the annual membership fee.


The club is currently run by Glen Moulds 5th Dan who is refered to as Kancho which means 'master of the house and owner of the dojo'.  With more than 40 years karate experience Kancho was the senior instructor to Eddie Whitcher and took over the club on his death and was graded to 5th Dan under Sensei Mikio Yahara 8th Dan  and a Japanese grading panel in June 2005.


Kancho is assisted by Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Walls 4th Dan who has been with the club and training for over 20 years.


Kenshinkai welcomes both adult and children beginners and advanced students to join the club. We also welcome other clubs to join us if you are looking for a friendly and traditional Shotokan organisation with the emphasis placed on training.

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With an enviable history, highly knowledgeable instructors and great facilities, the Kenshinkai  is a base for all practioners of the art; regardless of which club they are based at and all are made welcome.



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