Traditional Shotokan Karate Club, established 1972




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Kenshinkai moved from Dagenham to Chadwell Heath, Essex with its most Senior Instructor Glen Moulds 4th Dan taking the responsibilities of Chief Instructor. Kenshinkai then joined the JKA-UK, now re-branded as Karatenomichi World Federation - UK. The club has grown to over 200 students with clubs in Essex, Suffolk and India.



Kenshinkai hosts the 2005 KWF Gasshuku at Culford, with Sensei Yahara instructing. There is a grading exam during the camp at which Sensei Moulds is awarded his 5th Dan by Sensei Yahara.



Kenshinkai opens current dojo  in Barrow, UK.



Kenshinkai leaves the JKA to become an independent club.

Modern History

Kenshinkai Club Lineage

Yasutsune Azato

Master trainer of

Gichin Funakoshi

c.1827/28 - 1906

Yasutsune Itosu

Master trainer of

Gichin Funakoshi

c.1830/32 - 1916

Gichin Funakoshi

(1868 - 1957)

Founder of

Shotokan Karate  

Masatoshi Nakayama

(1913 - 1987)  

Hirokazu Kanazawa

b. 1931 SKKIF  

Eddie Whitcher

(1941 - 1990)

Founder of Kenshinkai

Glen Moulds

(1957 - )

Chief Instructor Kenshinkai

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This timeline illustrates the pure and direct path

from the foundations of Shotokan Karate to the

current day practice of Kenshinkai Shotokan

overseen by our Chief Instructor, Sensei Moulds

5th Dan, Japan.

Sensei Edward Arthur Whitcher was the founding member of the Kenshinkai Shotokan Karate Club.


The club's name was awarded in 1972 by Sensei Shihan Kanazawa.


'Kenshinkai' means 'mind and body in harmony' this epitamising our founder's way, being integral to Shotokan and the principle of our karate training.

Kenshinkai History

- The Club's Name

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