Traditional Shotokan Karate Club, established 1972




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Our Instructors


Andy Walls 4th Dan started as a white belt with Kenshinkai over 20 years ago and has trained consistantly.  He is now Chief Insructor  and oversees the classes for Juniors and Adults.  Andy is a keen railway enthusiast.


Sean Kybird 2nd Dan has been training for more than 10 years. His daughter, 18, is also a Kenshinkai 2nd Dan. Sean teaches Juniors and Adults.  During the day he runs his own tiling business.

Raph  Kelin 2nd Dan has also been with the club for more than 10 years having started at the same time as Sean and teaches  at all classes that he can get to after working in London in his role as a doctor.  

Glen Moulds 5th Dan is refered to as Kancho.   Having been the Chief Instructor for 30 years Glen now oversees the instuctors and development of the club.  Kancho means Master of the House and Owner of the Dojo.  A rarely used term, it was handed to Glen by Kanazawa Sensei.   You will find Glen teaching specialist classes and he has developed the on-line training.